Poems January 2013


'E's an interesting chap, 'e is...
Never 'appy wif anything about himself
Always wishin' fer that one's face, that one's 'air, that one's job, the other feller's 'ouse
All 'e 'as what's 'is own is 'is problems
An' ain't they just like everyone else's?

January 15, 2013

At Night

Can you hold your breath forever?
Or long enough for the years to stop, little boy?
Worrying at the window
The fate of the planet and galaxy
Why the universe has forced you into a teaching job
Or what the doctors might find
Is no hobby for a boy of nine

We could cuddle by the window
Imagine snow and silence
Listen to our birds sleeping
And feel blessed with love

January 9, 2013

With Mitch

In late 1970 something while hiking around the Delaware Water Gap, Mitch and I discussed
And it was fun?
It was something that was trying to be fun, and we were trying to sound smart, because really we were hoping the girls would notice us

Not so much last of the Mohicans, more still virgins

January 9, 2013


We all woke glum and sleepy
Doze dreamed the morning away thinking of bacon and music
with a bad radio song stuck in our heads
The world for a change was peaceful with no gunfire or
domestic spats
While we hunkered down in sweaters for the rest of the winter

January 8, 2013


The birds are watching Curious George
Dave serves coffee
The sun is winter hot over the roof of the garage
The radio plays great old songs
And ahead is a day of good work

This is magic and hope today

January 7, 2013

Gonna Die on a Train

Gonna die on a train some night
My electronics and shit all winding up stolen, head askew,
50 and running around like post college to the city, exhausted and trying to squeeze a few dollars more out of the rock.

January 4, 2013


What happens on tv
Stays between us
When she comes in the door
I want to scream
I want to die
And then run outside until the end
Witches, they have these places
Safe houses for those who'll hide
From country, from the neighbors
From ghastly crap they have inside
At at dawn's light
Right near some train tracks
With fingers so lost and wild
I try to re-conquer my empire
But the girl beats me every time.

January 2, 2013

Jan 1

A new beginning
As seen from the air
Those two bodies
Spiraling entwined
Through azure and green


Paint the new world azul
And keep your past
In your pots and in your pans

January 1, 2013