Poems December 2012

The Older Student

an older student
sent me a love letter once
silent I shower
my memory still chooses
to do the wrong thing

December 6, 2012


29 years ago I saw the most beautiful girl
A waitress at a Friendly's
 I cannot remember what she looked like
Other than that she was blond and breathtaking

 It is an anniversary of sorts.
 There's a blond, and I can't breathe.

December 6, 2012

At Starbuck's

Would I be as gentle?
In my 70's, getting a coat for my retarded son, now in his 30's
Waiting in silence at the door while he puttered with the sleeves and his cap, and then holding his big
hand that never got any older, my face inscrutable, worn expressionless

December 6, 2012