Poems August 2011

Unfriend me

Tap that button
Down inside
Relegated now you are to the outside

There can be love
There can be games
There can be knots of tears for the girl down the lane

And when the morning
I wake up
With my eyes glued shut
And do a little dance
In my lonely little hut
In splendid silence all can be forgiven
Ah, if only my mem'ry had no vision!

August 16, 2011

Aug whatever

I'll never be known by you
The way the wind knows
That a-frame shed
Or those poplars by the street

There was this time
When that would have been
A worthy dream
The dream of a lover

Now I deem it impossible
A bad idea
You'll have to flit around
Like the wind around glass
Peek in, sniff for an opening
But stay right where you are outside

August 13, 2011