Poems May 2010

May 12

Fate tied her to a tree
Left her there like forgotten fruit
When the two strange men walked by
There weren't even tears enough to cry
And the moon does a dance on the pond, on the roof
While the clouds play havoc with the view
Cloud like tears
Tears like wondering
Snow like sand
Sand like stars
Stars above like fish in the sea
Stars like love no stars for me


May 13, 2010


I soak and read about Edvard Munch
As the night slides out from under me and the rain patters down
And hours wrinkle my skin
My eyes fail to focus
As the clock reached a hand towards one
And the rain patters down.

May 12, 2010


The space of the studio
Filled and empty
With walls open to the universe
Accessed through a broken garage door.

May 11, 2010

Art 2

Is it done?
Is she finished?
Is the mom like her daughter?
Are they of similar texture
Or is one smooth, the other rough?
And is it paint or character,
My mistake or divine communication which I obey but can I remember hearing?


May 11, 2010

May 6

I droop like a wet forest
And drip down my branches onto myself
Tired in the spring after a savage winter

May 7, 2010

Cinco de mayo

Girls and their mom stare at me
Not a good stare

A stare that makes me wonder if they think I'm foreign

On this shore
The distant land of the mall waits

May 6, 2010


Belted down for the duration
Spelling bigger words
Swimming with dolphins
Caring for the wounds
Two miles from bigger things and 10 years from fully bloomed
But never can take a long time to prove itself correct

May 5, 2010

U there

Walking around the corner
Near the noisy cars
I expect to see you again
A ghost, a visitor, a beloved stranger
Or cropping up in old home movies
Or in the corner of an ad
A quizical smile
As we try to figure each other out
And you go as quickly as summer rain
And I forget you as I make change or eat ice pops on the porch as the sun goes down and the heat simmers on the street

May 4, 2010


It is of no account
No philosophy can take you as far down the path as you need to go
No companion or running partner can come with you
No decision will be right or wrong
No outcome correct, wanted or anticipated
All there is for you is an interior shaking of the head
and shapeless guilt as you wander between what you've done and what could have been

May 3, 2010


Things that never come back
Regardless of prayers on your knees
Or self-righteous anger
Or pleadings to the still living
The still beating heart
Doesn't hear


May 1, 2010