Poems April 2010

Never ever

Get to bed early
To sleep perchance to dream
With the whisper of far away cars
Going to someplace new
In the back seat kissing and holding hands
Sliding on the ice on the Pennsylvania turnpike
Crushed once maybe for good
Everyone smoking and eating jewish food
I could dream all this without
special effects

April 7, 2010

When I'm 62

The girls watch Gone With The Wind

The boys sleep

In my head I hold and store everything - a faithful St Bernard librarian

Mind your soul when you pass, though
Bumping into the wrong soul can hurt

April 6, 2010


We're out off the harbor
A big net tossed out

We catch and catch
Throw nothing back
A haulin' wooden ice chests full
O'er the dock

But what do we catch of ourselves
That we throw back
And catch again
And throw back
On the endless sea
Of who did what to whom

April 5, 2010


Two thousand years ago there was death

10 hours ago I got in a car and drove

Will there be rebirth that is anything more than heresay I cannot say
But I pray:
Dear Lord: please grant me peace when I am awake - like the peace I know when I'm dreaming and lost, found by someone someday

April 4, 2010

Baltimore Again

Today I kicked in a window
Saw some Jasper Johns an a great Monet
And drank half a box of wine in a hot bath
So hot I thought my toes might drop

What will happen is what

Tonight I celebrate and mourn the audacious clarity of the inevitable

Tonight I am ok with everything from pie flavor to eventual death

Tonight I know the simplicity of myself and the limits of my own goodness, and my own badness

Truly I will never be more free
Because tonight I know exactly
What to do

And it scares me

April 3, 2010


Loneliness can take on different shapes
And stalk us like a sad silent panther
Or grow in vines from our bed or car seat

Mine looks like a quiet old man

Yours is a fire in your chest which burns everyone and is inexhaustible these days

Oh the places anger will take you

April 2, 2010

Baltimore 2

Whatever can be done
Cannot be done
And things cannot be undone

Seagulls fly and sparrows poop inside
We just cover our beer

Outside, somewhere beautiful
Spiced and longing for more than all that tumbles out of a mouth
Loosened by a migrane

Two feet can walk a trail winding along a beach

Two feet can pause before a Cezanne in a museum

Two feet can do many things

April 1, 2010