Poems April 2010

April 17

All days wrapped into one hour
All words wrapped into one moment
Relived forever and ever
Like a black dead diamond
Rolled about the fingers
Each facet felt
And the dull sparkle of a dying ember
Tossing light which cannot be seen around the room

April 18, 2010


Why I walk is you
complain about my shoes
the mud I leave behind
from the wanders and paths
I'm down six all moments
I'm down under your foot

April 17, 2010

Prodigal Daughter

She breezes in brave
As she ever was
Beautiful and forgiveable

Eyes wide with questions asking
"where are all the boys? I need to break some hearts."

When we let them run wild sometimes they return
Only if we forgive them before they go

April 16, 2010


A drone
Miles off
Light trickles down the staircase
Two cars rush by
I could count to a thousand
Rather that climb those stairs
And what is up there doesn't wait for me but will get me none the less
Exhausted at almost 2am

April 15, 2010

Short Poem with Toes

Gorgeous night falls
Silken hands beckon across a chasm
My toes on the edge
My ties severed
I remember kissing you goodnight on your neck
Your gentle breathing
Soft on my hand

April 14, 2010


After a day of watching boys play

To nestle in blankets

Silence on the radio

Breath as slow as clock clicks

Lonely hands wish for something soft

April 12, 2010

Not 100

Hold me down
And pick me up
Scoop out the summer sun
And the winters rain
Cold on the hill of my neck
And open to interpretation

No one knows which path to go
Which god to follow
Which words will sooth

I've nothing to give
Nothing to take
Wander the yard
Look up at the sky

April 11, 2010

April 9

Was it the lure of summer sun
Which lights up the azure harbor
Reflected back in your eyes
Wearing a slinky black little thing
Legs crossed under the table

But what's happening?
What's happening now!

April 10, 2010

April 8

The night is good to me
A friend that mumble whispers the answers to the test
a nodding god to my prayers

Too often I've walked off
Night brings me back everytime
Drops me off at my garage door
saying "sweat dreams, kiddo, see ya."


April 9, 2010


Night is my pillow and blanket
My cave against the wild and the wind
My eyes collapse as the night tumbles onward
Deep into the night til the sun is ready to return to who he belongs

April 8, 2010