About Luke DeLalio

Luke DeLalio has done virtually everything in the arts - from painting to stage directing to music composition to playwriting and filmmaking. His fine art is informed by all this.

Originally a musician, Luke spent many years as a record producer and audio engineer before tinnitus ended that aspect of his career. He pivoted into stage directing, and then playwriting. Drawing and painting as his principle focus came late—he was in his mid-forties and, like usual, looking for a new challenge.

Luke’s art is heavily influenced by the techniques and thinking behind rock record production and multitrack recording. Often pieces begin as a fairly complete drawing (a “rough take,” in audio parlance), and then additional layers are added over that (“overdubbing”), often with bits of preceding layers peeking through. The results are a mix of immediacy and thoughtfulness, looseness and precision.

Poetry and song lyrics exert a presence in much of Luke’s work. Most images are poetic in nature, hinting at ideas rather obliquely, leaving the viewer to puzzle out themes and meaning on their own. Things are riddles more than maps. Of course, Luke’s theatre background is obvious in the narrative and character elements which populate much of the work.

In addition to fine art, Luke is a graphic and web designer/developer, and is the founder of Fun Trubble, a bizarre t-shirt company.