When the Shark Eats it Loses Teeth


Such horrible people.

I was looking for faces to draw and paint on Google, and found black and white photos of Nazi female concentration camp guards. It became a project I worked on for months, using various media. What it came down to was six, small, oil paintings painted completely with Payne’s Gray and white.

When a shark eats, it loses teeth. These awful women - most of them were hung, and many of the pictures were shot right before they mounted the gallows - all started out as surprising regular people. Basically uneducated, working class. Farm girls. House maids. And the Nazis turned them into monsters and ultimately destroyed their lives.

Not that they should be confused with the victims of the holocaust, nor do they deserve sympathy other than the general sympathy we should have for all lost souls who give up their humanity. But they are the flotsam and jetsam, the detritus of the Nazi machine, used and spit out like shark teeth.