Water Lilys


The genesis of these three works was a photograph I shot of my wife one morning, and an image I saw in a fashion catalog. Together there was that something that felt, to me, evocative.

I found the poem Water Lily, by Rainer Maria Rilke, and that fit in as well, and it is actually written on Water Lily 2. And from that poem came the title as well as some of the imagery in the pieces.

These were fun to make, each different but clearly of the same thing, with materials ranging from paint to door hinges, with images ranging from koi fish to the bad teeth of a skeleton.

Water Lily
by Rainer Maria Rilke

My whole life is mine, but whoever says so
will deprive me, for it is infinite.
The ripple of water, the shade of the sky
are mine; it is still the same, my life.

No desire opens me: I am full,
I never close myself with refusal-
in the rythm of my daily soul
I do not desire - I am moved;

by being moved I exert my empire,
making the dreams of night real:
into my body at the bottom of the water
I attract the beyonds of mirrors...