Person Chair Picture


I was invited into a themed group show, the theme of which was Movement.

But true to form, I like being difficult and naturally go against the grain, so I decide to make drawings of people doing nothing, not moving at all.

I settled on three elements: a person, a chair and a picture, because I didn’t really understand backgrounds - I still don’t. These became about the narrative by those three elements.

On some of these pieces I had something specific in mind, but for most of them I just began by starting with the head and going from there. In a way they are a kind of automatic writing ala surrealism.

But more than that, they’re puzzles for the viewer to figure out, and there are a lot of ways for the pieces to go together.

These pieces turned out to be very popular, and the now defunct Long Island Pulse magazine selected me as one of the top artists on Long Island because of these weird little things.

If you like one of these, let me know and I will redraw it for you - I tried making Giclees of these and it didn’t work. So when someone wants one I redraw it - a new original that is very close to the image you see here, but not exactly.